Before meeting Charmaine, I was a skeptic. The concept of Rolfing, to me, sounded too good to be true. It almost sounded like pseudoscience.

I was however interested in the workings of the fascia. This was because I had ended my 9 years struggle with plantar fasciitis within a month with some simple fascial training I learnt on YouTube.

Anyway, I immediately became a believer after the first session of Rolfing. I can only describe it as a release or an opening up of my body, and I literally felt like I grew taller.

As the Rolfing sessions with Charmaine progressed, my posture got better. I had freedom of motion. I felt more confident and had lesser aches and pains. It was a journey to rediscover my body and its range of motion and proper alignment.

As a facilitator of this Rolfing journey, Charmaine was very professional. She was attentive to my needs and made the whole experience very pleasant.

Again, thank you do much for everything, Charmaine. I really hope Rolfing gets more attention and the credibility it deserves.

I know I’ll play my part to spread the message.

Ikli, Healthcare Professional