About Rolfer®

Posture Pain I first started training with the Dr Ida Rolf Institute® in Boulder, Colorado, years ago and have since been certified as a Rolfing® practitioner by the European Rolfing Association e.V. (ERA). The professional name – Rolfing practitioner – is quite a mouthful. Most times, I would just call myself a Rolfer®. I have also received training in Rolf Movement education, under the tutelage of Pierpaola Volpones, a faculty member of the ERA. I am currently one of the few female Certified Rolfers® actively practising Rolfing in Singapore. I also include advanced visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy as part of my practice.

Before I became a Rolfer, I was formulating policies for various sectors of the Singapore Public Service. Although I now refer to that phase as “my former life”, the Government scholarship blessed me with a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the University of Cambridge (UK), where I gleaned a Masters in Chemical Engineering and a Women’s Blues (field hockey). I continued my sporting pursuits with the Singapore National Women’s Field Hockey Team as well as in competitive floorball and triathlons later on.

I had put my body under a lot of strain, both from the working environment and through physical training. (Did I mention that I had gone through Officer Cadet School training in the Army?) Trouble was, I was never aware or I chose to ignore what my body was telling me. After all, as the saying goes, “no pain, no gain”.

When I discovered the technique of Rolfing in Singapore, I experienced an immediate relief from my tensional patterns. (We all have these patterns in our bodies; whether we play an asymmetrical sport, or stand for long hours, or work at our desks, or whatever other tortures that we put our human bodies through.) Gradually, I began to learn new movement options that also changed my posture. Needless to say, the experience was impactful enough to alter the course of my life.

These days, I “pay it forward” by impacting the lives of every client I meet through Rolfing. Not every one leaves their jobs to become Rolfers, of course, but many have shared how they were re-prioritising their daily lives in a different way, with greater expectation and renewed energy. Wow! #mindblown. It is common knowledge that Rolfing changes the body structure, and with the changes come relief from chronic pains and restoration of body strength. Perhaps it is not far-fetched to hear that the relief they experience affords them more resources to live life.

If you didn’t bother to read all the above, that is perfectly fine. The main takeaway message is this: a Rolfer works to restore strength to years of body strain. That is my aim. Everything else is a bonus.

So, question time: how can you get Rolfing in Singapore and your other potential questions about how Rolfing works here. Also, here are some testimonials of some who have received Rolfing from me have to say.