restore strength from years of body strain

This is about YOU. This is about how Rolfing works for you.

At first, you experienced a pain somewhere in your body. You weren’t sure where it came from but you weren’t too bothered since it disappeared soon after. Gradually, the pain showed up every now and then, and perhaps even “travelled” to another part of your body. No biggie, because it still went away anyway. Then the visits became more frequent, and stayed for longer periods each time. Soon enough, being pain-free seemed like a distant past. Or perhaps you had injured yourself at some point and things never seemed the same ever since.

Sound familiar?

The good news is, Rolfing works to restore strength from years of body strain. Learn how Rolfing works in a holistic manner and who it benefits here.


Tension in my lower back

For many years, I have had tension in my lower back and my condition was worsening. I had tried many treatments – “tui-na”, acupuncture, physiotherapy, chiropractic, etc. Then, Charmaine analysed and worked on my condition. The result: The tension in my lower back loosened and the quality of my sleep also improved!

~ Geraldine Keh, 38, Entrepreneur ~

Tension in my lower back loosened

Before meeting Charmaine, I was a skeptic. The concept of Rolfing, to me, sounded too good to be true. It almost sounded like pseudoscience.

I was however interested in the workings of the fascia. This was because I had ended my 9 years struggle with plantar fasciitis within a month with some simple fascial training I learnt on YouTube.

Anyway, I immediately became a believer after the first session of Rolfing. I can only describe it as a release or an opening up of my body, and I literally felt like I grew taller.

As the Rolfing sessions with Charmaine progressed, my posture got better. I had freedom of motion. I felt more confident and had lesser aches and pains. It was a journey to rediscover my body and its range of motion and proper alignment.

As a facilitator of this Rolfing journey, Charmaine was very professional. She was attentive to my needs and made the whole experience very pleasant.

Again, thank you do much for everything, Charmaine. I really hope Rolfing gets more attention and the credibility it deserves.

I know I’ll play my part to spread the message.

Ikli, Healthcare Professional