Mobility, Pain, Balance

I saw Charmaine for a Rolfing 10-series to see whether anything could be done to improve my shoulder mobility, resolve some pain I was getting in my left hip and also to iron out any other imbalances in my body. Over the 10 sessions, my shoulder mobility definitely improved and my left hip pain has reduced, but what I find I have gained most from the sessions is an increased ease with working with my body. During my yoga practice, I have noticed that my body cooperates more – it doesn’t “fight back” or resist as much. Movement has become more enjoyable and the body feels lighter and overall more balanced. As a physiotherapist, Rolfing has also opened my eyes to a different way of working with the body – a method that is subtle, refined and sees the body in a more organic and holistic manner.

Apart from being good at what she does, I also found Charmaine very easy to get along with – she is not one to impose an opinion, yet is happy to share what she knows when asked. Charmaine is also patient and very respectful of one’s personal space. So if you’ve got a physical issue you’d like to sort out, are looking to improve your posture or simply want to feel better with your body, then Rolfing with Charmaine could just be for you 🙂

“Improved Mobility, Resolved Pain, Greater Balance” – Max