Kind Words

Charmaine has a very sensitive approach to her Rolfing practice. She is not forcing something onto my body and being. She carefully observes to what is going on. From there she develops a way to help my system.

After her treatment, the reactions in the body linger on for a few days and fully develop their effect only after a while. Therefore, one might have not an immediate relief, but only recognizes that the body is still working on something. To me, this often happens particularly during the first two nights after her treatment. After some time, one suddenly realizes that the pain has disappeared.

I have experienced magnificent results over time: Some subtle pain in my lower back completely disappeared after Charmaine had completed the initial 10 treatment sessions.

She also just recently managed to release some trapped tension and pain in my left hip joint. After many months of pain due to a fall with my bicycle, I finally decided to seek Charmaine’s help. To support her treatment she recommended an additional Tension-Release treatment with a TRE practitioner. It indeed turned out to be a very good combination. It took several treatment sessions, but I am finally pain-free in this joint again.

In addition, the treatment and Charmaine’s observations increase my own overall body awareness which helps me to take better care of how I am and move in daily life.

Birte Koehler

Daitein did quite well. Although she didn’t have time to learn more difficult skills, she performed the basic skills and earned a high execution score with low difficulty score. Thanks to all your expertise to help when she was injured.

Hwee Yee – Mother of Daitein, gymnast

Daitein claims national trampoline title

I’m forever grateful I chanced up Charmaine’s website when looking for a Rolfing practitioner. As a person, she’s kind, patient, loving and full of life and laughter. That’s already enough to go and meet her!
There are very few people in this world that are capable of what she can do. Through the softness of her touch, her sensitivity and her knowledge of the human body, she’s helped my body return to its natural state of alignment like no one has ever been able to do so before (and I have tried many other forms of therapies). Thanks to her, body pains I’ve had for years were gone after even the first session. She’s also allowed me to let go of very deep-seated emotional pains. That’s truly the best gift I could have ever received from anyone.
So if you still have pains in your body, go and see her now.


Dan Gernez

Years of body pain gone!

tensions in my body rolfing works

Rolfing helped me to become more aware of the tensions in my body, especially in my shoulders and back. After being “Rolfed”, I felt an immediate relief from backaches and tightness in my body.

~ Priscilla Chia, 30, Floorball Coach ~

Tensions in my body

shiok rolfing works

From the very first session, Charmaine saw some patterns in my body posture I never thought existed. After receiving the work, I remember feeling exceptionally “light”, very much like walking on clouds. The experience was very “shiok”! I would really recommend Charmaine to anyone who wants to better their posture or alleviate any pains.

~Jingxuan Yang, 24, Consultant ~

Very “Shiok”

Tension in my lower back

For many years, I have had tension in my lower back and my condition was worsening. I had tried many treatments – “tui-na”, acupuncture, physiotherapy, chiropractic, etc. Then, Charmaine analysed and worked on my condition. The result: The tension in my lower back loosened and the quality of my sleep also improved!

~ Geraldine Keh, 38, Entrepreneur ~

Tension in my lower back loosened